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I’m Louise Sverud, your virtual assitant

Are you a small business owner? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Picture this: your business tasks handled with attention to detail and a proactive spirit, all while wrapped in a friendly and warm service.

That’s my main goal, to make your life easier, more productive, and dare I say, a tad cosier.

I'm very busy andLouise has helped me get on top of the admin and organisation which frees me up to deliver my mentoring sessions to my clients more effectively.

The best parts were sorting out my Canva which means I have so much content now at the tip of my fingers, sorting out the branding of loads of resources I had sitting around and finally sorting out my unruly Google Drive.
Natasha Mason Kennedy
Business coach
Drama? Not here.

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Outsourcing certain tasks can have many benefits for a company. By letting someone else do all the mondain day to day admin tasks like typing, answer emails, send out invoices or claim money, you will free up time to focus on developing your business and enjoy your free time outside of business hours. 

Language & Text Services

When it comes to languages, you’re in for a treat. I speak Swedish, Spanish, and English fluently, offering you translation and tuition services.

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Less stress, less drama and more focus on BUSINES GROTH.

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